Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Established in 2011 when dabbing was starting to become popular, we wanted to explore the best of the culture. I Love Dabs traveled across the country, normally setting up a booth with popular accessories & tools that go along with the dabbing culture, such as apparel, glass, CBD & many other products that varied over the years. Our main focus now is to highlight the best of the dabbing culture & surrounding aspects, such as glass & events. 

I Love Dabs – Exploring the Modern Dabbing Culture

Dabs are growing with popularity as a way to consume cannabis, hash oil specifically. I Love Dabs explores the culture surrounding the dabs, from the glass, hash, social events, popular products & more. Our main focus is to highlight quality within the culture.

I Love Dabs has traveled across the country, promoting the brand & culture by vending at events, festivals & trade-shows. While traveling we are introduced to some of the latest innovations & get to see first-hand what’s popular around the country. This is the experience & lifestyle that we love.