Saturday, April 20, 2019


A collection of videos featuring dabs, glass, hash, events, & much more.

Dabs with Dads (video)

Dabs with Dads is a great commentary that films several father figures taking "dabs" for their first time. 

Mothership – Behind the Glass (video)

Go behind the glass with Mothership, a high end glass production company based out of Washington State. Known for creating an elite line of...

2 Chainz Gets High with 500k Worth of Glass & Hash

2 Chainz joins Dr. Dina & Adam Ill for one of the headiest seshes ever recorded. Watch this video as they sesh on over...

Action Bronson Tours a High End Hash Lab

XTracted is a premium cannabis extraction facility based near Seattle, WA. They're known for creating a high-end product that is available throughout the state...