Welcome to the Sesh – Bay Area’s Smoke Sessions


Walking up to the front iron gates of the sesh there’s a fresh smell of terps in the air. If it wasn’t for the tantalizing smells you would never know what was beyond those closed doors. There’s no secret code or knock, you just have to know where to go & have a valid prop215 rec. 

Smoke Sessions in the California Bay Area

After spending a few months in the Bay Area I became accustomed to the weekend events, or rather, smoke sessions. Dozens of vendors get together at various venues throughout the bay. Hundreds of prop215 patients are attracted by what these sessions have to offer. Free samples, raffles & great pricing on a wide range of cannabis products can be found amidst the booths.

There’s dozens of events every weekend throughout the California cannabis industry – what sets the Bay Area sessions apart from the rest? They’re normally small community oriented events that focus on the patients, rather than the profits.

Smoke sessions can be hosted anywhere, it’s just a matter of knowing where. Most venues aren’t accustom to smoking indoors, or the entire aspect of the cannabis industry for that matter. This makes the venues a bit more interesting, ranging from back yards, underground nightclubs, AirBNB rentals & even a motorcycle club once or twice.

It would be an extensive list if I were to name every event going on in California. These are some of the events I’ve attended & photographed :