Lamps Made For Dabs Instead of Lava – Bluegrass Glass @bluegrassglass (glass artist spotlight)


Remember watching the bubbles float up thru the lava lamp as a kid? Now you can embrace those memories while watching the water bubble up into your rig while you inhale some tasty dabs. Bluegrass Glass (@bluegrassglass) is a Humboldt glass artist with a sensational style showcased in the “Wonderlamp” series.

Wonderlamp Collection from Bluegrass Glass

These colorful creations that refresh childhood memories are popping up at smoke sessions across the globe. Bluegrass Glass is the mastermind behind these creations, with the help of Don Rob Glass (@donrob_glass). Wonderlamps are a functional glass replication of lava lamps, except way cooler.

Not only are these creations detailed works of art, they’re also extremely functional. Water flows without any restriction, allowing for a smooth hit every time. Watching the bubbles bounce around the abstract center is a lot more fun compared to any traditional lava lamp.

Bluegrass Glass actually got a cease & desist letter from the company that’s behind the traditional lamps. Wonderlamp is the name that came to life – which seems to be much more appropriate for these wonderful pieces of art.

Collaborations with these Wonderlamps are extraordinary works of art – especially this amazing Matt Robertson ( collaboration featuring a giraffe with a Wonderlamp body.

Each individual lamp has a unique style, making them a sought after item by glass collectors. A good friend of mine was dubbed #LampKing – this probably has something to do with the half dozen+ lamps in their personal collection. Check out @Scotty_Terps if you want to see an amazing collection in action.

Featured Photo Credit : Flameworked
Matt Robertson Collab Photo Credit : Dab Society Glass