VooDoo Magic Mixed With Glass – Peter Muller @MullerGlass (glass artist spotlight)


Peter Muller manipulates the flames to create VooDoo Dolls & seamed together functional glasswork. A strange resemblance to VooDoo Dolls is found within these creations, whether it’s the patchwork styled bodies, or the needles coming out of the skull… 

Muller Glass – A Modern Day VooDoo Doll

You can find a morbid & colorful array of creations while scrolling through @MullerGlass on Instagram. A unique style sets Peter Muller apart from the rest of the glass artists. Patchworks of colorful glass appear to be stitched together to create original masterpieces of modern glass. Among the creations, VooDoo Dolls seem to be the most popular design. A functional patchwork body with button eyes conceals a mouthpiece & joint.

Glass artists use alchemy on a daily basis, VooDoo & other witchcrafts / wizardry on the other hand? Muller is pushing the boundaries & capacity of creation with functional glass art that resembles creatures of the popular dark art. These unique creations are used for positive activities, such as enjoying dabs, or an admiration amidst a glass collection.

Muller has inspired other artists & worked closely with other amazing talent in the glass industry. @TalkSickMind seems to have been influenced by Muller’s glass creations with his graffiti style. Patchwork VooDoo dolls are spreading a positive message of creativity across the nation with the help of some rather talented artists.