Sour Tangie – Shatter – Strain Review


The dominant tangie flavor mixed with the heavy effects of the East Coast Sour Diesel really make for a unique concentrate. The strain comes from DNA Genetics, an award winning genetic company & processed by Wanted Extracts, a Southern California based extraction company. I met them the other night during the Black List Sesh in San Bernardino & had the opportunity to pick up this gram for $20. 

Sour Tangie, Wanted Extracts – Strain Review

Tangie is the dominant flavor in this strain, an amazing flavor that tastes of citrus. The strain was originally breed by DNA Genetics / Reserva Privada & took home best strain at the 2013 Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup. The Sour Tangie strain came about a year or two later as a cross-breed between Tangie & East Coast Sour Diesel. When properly extracted the tangie taste really pulls through, delivering a satisfying taste with every hit.

Their packaging is an envelope with a cool design of a wanted poster, this strain featured “Jesse James” with information about the actual strain on the back. This little envelope was labeled “Sour Tangie – Sativa – .5G”. I opened the envelope to find they were using PTFE paper, which does a much better job at preserving the flavor and overall concentrate. You could smell the Sour Tangie before the paper was even unwrapped, the terps were overwhelming. The extract was a golden shatter, stable & completely see through.

I broke a generous dab off of one of the half grams & proceeded to heat my quartz banger. As the nail heated my anticipation grew, I could smell the tangie coming off of the paper in front of me & wanted to taste it, but couldn’t let my hastiness force me into taking a hot dab. Once my nail was glowing red I set a timer for 55 seconds, the time varies with every nail. A lower temperature allows for a full flavor, as most terpenes are to volatile & completely evaporate at higher temperatures.

I put the tip of my Happy Daddy Products custom dab tool to my quartz banger & watched the oil drip into the bottom of the dish. Once the oil had completely dripped off the tip of my tool I put a carb cap on and cleared the rest of the dab. My taste buds were instantly tingling with the sweet taste of tangie as the effects from the Sour Diesel crept up on me. The Wanted Extracts crew did a phenomenal job all the way around with this one!


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